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Best Payday Loan Apps | No Credit Check And Overdraft Protection

Best Payday Loan Apps

Polls show that millions of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. This makes dealing with financial emergencies extremely difficult.

The best no credit check payday loan apps can be an alternative.

5 Best Payday Loan Apps No Credit Check

Taking out high-interest allotment loans for healthcare workers with a monthly fee or applying for a cash advance is not a long-term solution if you have trouble paying it back. Instead, try negotiating a lower interest rate or payment plan with creditors, utilities, and others.

Best payday loan apps like Earnin, Dave, and Brigit allow you to borrow a small amount before you get your next paycheck. This simple solution can be useful if you need cash urgently but look for cheaper options before taking out an app loan.

Personal Loans Apply Options

Unlike other lending options, such as credit cards or personal loans, the cost of an in-app loan is not expressed as an interest rate. Instead, apps may charge for a subscription or accelerated funding, and many offer to tip them.

Lenders and credit card issuers describe the cost of using their products as an annual interest rate. This takes into account the interest and other fees that may be charged.

Personal loan applications and other small lenders argue that APRs are not a fair way to show the cost of their products, but have provided an example of their land loan lenders near me for new applications.

Here are the five best payday loan apps you can borrow for future earnings and some cheap options to consider.


Earnin is one of the best payday loan apps Ideal for low rates, Earnin is a payroll prepaid app that allows you to track your working hours and borrow the money you earn, either using timesheets or by tracking your location. The app also has the ability to notify you when your bank account is low and pay a fee.

earnin the best payday loan apps


Maximum from $100 to $500.


Earnin is asking for a voluntary tip, capped at $ 14. You can turn on overdraft protection automatically if you set up a recurring tip of at least $ 1.50.


Sign up for Earnin’s Lightning Speed, which costs $ 1.99 to $ 3.99 depending on how much you borrow, and you’ll receive your money right away. Otherwise, it usually takes 1-3 business days.


Earnin will withdraw the borrowed cash from your bank account on the next payday.

APR example:

If you take out $100 and tip $2 seven days before the payment date, the credit APR is 104.3%.


Dave is one of the best payday loan apps Great for small advances, With the Dave app, you can borrow a small amount to cover the cost while waiting for your next payment or to avoid overdrafting your bank account.

Users with a Dave spending account have more credit access than users without. The payday loan app also has a “side hustle” feature that allows users to find side concerts and make more money.

Dave The Best Payday Loan Apps


$5 to $200 for Dave Spending Account users. $5 to $100 for customers who do not have a Dave spending account.


Dave charges some fees, but the company says they are all optional:

  • You can opt-out of the app with a monthly membership fee of $ 1.
  • Prices from $ 1.99 to $ 5.99 to get your money faster. Fees vary depending on the loan amount.
  • Optional tip up to 20% of the borrowed amount.


It can take up to 3 days for Dave to get paid. If you pay an obvious fee to get the money faster, the company says you will get the money within 8 hours.


The default due date is set to the next payday, but you can change it.

APR example:

If you borrow $ 100 seven days before you receive your next payment, pay the express fee of $ 5.99, the monthly subscription fee, and add a tip of $1, it costs $7.99 to borrow $100. Loans are over 400%. April.


Brigit is one of the best payday loan apps Great for budget tools, Brigit is a budget management application that allows you to earn up to $250 whenever you need it.

You can use the free package of the app, which provides financial advice and budget help.

To use a cash advance, you must use a prepayment that includes all the features of a free advance, plus cash advances, automatic payments to your account for overdrafts, and credit monitoring.

brigit the best payday loan app


$50 to $250.


The paid plan is $ 9.99 per month.


Brigit says you can still get an advance the same day if you ask before 10 a.m. ET; otherwise, it will arrive the next business day.


Brigit will automatically set your next payment according to your earnings schedule. In the application, you can extend the repayment date, but only once after every two advances, you repay in time.

APR example:

If you receive a $ 9.99 Brigit membership and use the app only to earn a one-time $120 down payment that you must repay within seven days, your credit APR will exceed 500%.


Chime is one of the best payday loan apps Ideal for overdraft protection Chime, a mobile company that offers check and savings accounts, and credit builder loans use the SpotMe feature to allow customers to withdraw their check accounts for a pre-determined amount at no charge.

SpotMe is an overdraft protection feature rather than a cash advance, but you’ll still be asked if you want to tip the service. According to Chime, accounts can be negative up to the approved amount, and purchases below that extra cushion will be rejected.

To qualify for SpotMe, you need to make a direct deposit to your Chime account for at least $200 each month.

chime the best payday loan apps


Between $20 and $200. The limit starts at $20 and increases depending on your account activity.


There are no fees. The company asks if you want to tip.


If you set up SpotMe before overdrawing, it will be included in your account.


Your next direct deposit – usually on the next payday – will return the amount Chime noticed.

APR example

If Chime gives you $50 to top up, you pay off the balance within seven days and add a $1 tip, you basically get a $50 loan at 104.3% APR.


MoneyLion is one of the best payday loan apps Ideal for multiple financial products.

The MoneyLion app offers mobile banking and investment accounts, financial tracking, credit builder loans, and cash advances up to $250.

Instacash Advance is available to anyone with a qualified checking account. However, if you need the funds right away, you will have to pay a fee. According to MoneyLion, there are no interest or fees on cash advances, but you will be asked to tip as an option if you use cash advances.

moneylion the best payday loan app


It ranges from $25 to $250, but only customers with MoneyLion checking accounts have access to the maximum amount.


MoneyLion has optional tips as well as immediate delivery charges that vary depending on the amount borrowed.

MoneyLion Checking Account Users: $0.99 to $5.99 for immediate delivery.

Best payday loan apps
Best payday loan apps

Users with non-MoneyLion check accounts: $1.99 to $7.99 for immediate delivery.


If you do not pay immediate shipping charges, it will take 12 to 48 hours for MoneyLion checking account users and 3 to 5 business days for MoneyLion checking account users.


Funds will be automatically deducted from your account on the day you plan to receive your next deposit, usually the next payday. If your account doesn’t have enough money, the app will repeatedly try to withdraw funds.


Immediately deposit a $100 prepayment to an external account for $8, add a $1 tip and repay the loan within 7 days and you will be charged over 300% APR.

Overview of The Apps That Loan You Money Instantly

Now that you understand how online payday loans work, you may want to look for another option. One of the best options is to apply for a loan through the best payday loan apps. The Payday Advance app works just like an online application.

Loan appLoan amountSpeed without
paying a fee
Fast funding feeOther fees
Earnin$100 – $500 max1 to 3 days$1.99 – $3.99None
Dave$5 – $200Up to 3 days$1.99 – $5.99$1 monthly
membership fee
Brigit$50 – $2501 to 2 daysNone$9.99 monthly
subscription fee
Chime$20 – $200InstantNoneNone
MoneyLion$25 – $25012 to 48 hours$0.99 – $7.99None
The Best Payday Loan Apps

Learn about these applications and how they can help you if you need cash quickly in emergency loans for bad credit here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) The Best Payday Loan Apps

Is it Safe to Take a Loan From The App?

It’s very understandable that we are concerned about privacy and security when it comes to applying for a mobile loan.

You can be confident that your mobile loan application is 100% safe and reliable. There is no risk of losing money, but it is your responsibility to protect your personal information with a secure password.

How Do Lending Apps Work?

Such applications directly connect borrowers with lenders, also known as investors who lend money to qualified candidates.

In short, such applications connect those interested in borrowing money with those who want to raise money. Companies/brokers develop P2P software and generate revenue from both lenders and borrowers.

Can the Loan App Access My Contacts?

This allows users to send text, images, videos, PDFs, documents, and more. You can also send a message to all contacts at once, including unsaved contacts.

These loan apps require access to contacts, photos, text messages, locations, etc. before you start applying for a small loan.