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PayPal – What Is It And How To Perfectly Set It Up


PayPal is one of the most used payment processors on the internet. Although there are some limitations, especially where in the world it can be used, this payment service can be of great help for e-business newbies on a budget.

It allows newbies to accept online credit card payments as well as transfer money to and from bank accounts and other PayPal accounts.

Becoming more and more popular as a means of doing business on the Internet. Those who spend a lot of time on eBay know how PayPal works.

Now that more and more websites are accepting PayPal payments, many consumers are scratching their heads and wondering, “What is PayPal? Is it safe? Is it easy?”

What Is Paypal?

PayPal is a means of making or receiving secure payments over the Internet in lieu of a credit card. Consumers must sign up for a PayPal account and link it to either a bank account or a credit card.

PayPal Safer And Easier Way To Pay
PayPal Safer And Easier Way To Pay

When it comes time to pay for an online purchase, the customer provides the merchant with their PayPal account details, the money is paid to the merchant (minus a small transaction fee), and the associated bank account or credit card is charged accordingly.

Common uses of PayPal include sending and receiving the money to and from friends and family online, requesting money for a charity, and making online purchases. In addition, an invoice and detailed payment instructions can be generated when the money is requested.

How Paypal Works?

If you’re looking to raise money on your website or pay others online, you’ll want to know how It works.

Company founded and owned by eBay was originally intended to provide an online means of making the payment of items safer and more secure for both parties. However, it has evolved into much more.

Here we will go through the anatomy:

1.) Sign up for an account – It requires you to open an account with them. It’s pretty easy, although depending on the type of account you have, you may need to provide some documentation.

If you are a non-profit organization that accepts donations, you must provide documentation showing that you are legally entitled to accept donations and that you have the ability to report those donations to the tax authority in your country.

If you’re a business, there are maximum amounts you can release from your account until you go through some verification procedures.

Be sure to read the requirements before accepting too many payments, otherwise, you may not be able to access your funds. You can find out a lot about how PayPal works on its website.

2.) Set up a portal – Setting up e-commerce services on your website is not the subject of our article on how PayPal works, but offers a set of free buttons with embedded code that allow you to get money for goods, services, donations, or whatever else you take money for. Place these buttons on your website and direct people to these buttons so they can see the money coming in.

3.) Issue Refunds as Needed – You shouldn’t need to issue too many refunds if you provide quality services, but it allows you to. In fact, you don’t want to issue too many refunds or it will suspend your account because they believe you are offering fraudulent services to the public.

Make sure your product or service is of high quality and something you can stand behind. PayPal is a fraud protection series and if you do the wrong thing, local authorities will be knocking on your door.

4.) Withdrawing Your Funds – Before you can do this, It requires you to verify your bank account information with them. This can take up to two weeks to start this process early.

You don’t want to have a dark period where you don’t have access to your money. Often It will send two small deposits to your bank and you will need to confirm that you have received them by telling how much the amounts were.

Once you have done this you should be able to access your money provided all documentation is in place and approved.

How Can I Join PayPal In a Few Simple Steps:

  1. Go to or download the PayPal app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Select the account type you want – Personal, Premier, or Business.
Join PayPal In a Few Simple Steps
Join PayPal In a Few Simple Steps

The information on the page is clear enough to help you choose which is better for you.
If you are private and only buy things, go for personal.
If you want to make some money yourself, choose Premier.
If you are serious about business transactions, you must select Business.

Keep in mind that each one comes with certain tax restrictions and you need to choose the best option for you.

  1. Enter your details…


Paypal Customer Service

If you encounter any issues, you can contact PayPal’s customer service team at:

Email Support

Call Center Support
00 1 402-935-2050


Live Chat Support
Live chat button on the website

PayPal Knowledge Base

Note: Choose a strong password. PayPal is a target site for hackers who just want to get your fortune – as easy as possible! Remember that if something happens to your wealth, you will have a hard time recovering your wealth!

PayPal Login Activity

PayPal’s trust

Almost every single commercial website on the internet uses PayPal. It’s a great success! who e.g. distrusts credit card transactions on the Internet etc., can also worry about his credit card in real life.

It doesn’t take much to use a credit card online, and whether the credit card is used online or in real life or not, it’s just as easy to misuse it.

Get Paid

It’s an amazing feeling to log into your account and watch the wealth accumulate. But it just seems too unreal! Is it really mine?!

Yes. With just a few clicks after logging into your account, you can choose how much money you want to withdraw. The money is either deposited into your own bank account (if you are in a place like the US) or alternatively into your own credit card (if you are in Israel for example). Don’t forget that credit card fees apply!

It may take a few days or more for the money to come in, so don’t panic and be patient.


PayPal works like a miracle! For buyers, simply enter their credit card details with normal numbers and expiration dates, etc. and the transaction is complete!

Those who receive funds will receive an email at the moment this happens, confirming that the transaction took place. Check it directly on your PayPal account if you are not sure.

There are phishers and others out there who regularly send out emails asking for your personal information.

These people will claim they are PayPal and you know “I’m just checking in… checking… updating details” and the like! Don’t tell them anything.

Go back to your account and check that everything is ok and never give out your personal information to anyone claiming to be PayPal.

If you have doubts about transactions or emails – vaguely suggesting that you need to disclose your personal information – be sure to log into your account first and email PayPal directly!

Practical Benefits

You will want PayPal for two things. They will want donations! Everyone does! Almost every website that uses this puts the donate button somewhere where everyone can see it.

In fact, you might be amazed at how many people want to help others involved in any kind of contribution to the web.

Paypal Account- Safer And Easier Way To Pay

Money can be sent to over fifty-five countries in the following currencies: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Sterling, Australian Dollars, and Yen.

It is easy to use, secure, and free for the buyer. PayPal doesn’t share financial information, so the seller never sees bank or credit account numbers. They have strict anti-fraud measures and protect buyers from unauthorized purchases.

Additionally, for those accepting payments to their PayPal account, an ATM/debit card is available for easy access to funds. Otherwise, simply log into PayPal and request a refund to the previously linked bank account.

With more than 96 million PayPal accounts already set up worldwide.

Setting up a PayPal account is free. There are 3 main account types available: Personal, Premier, and Business.

The personal account is just that, for personal use, paying for things you buy on eBay, and so on. Transactions are free with this account type, but your usage options are fairly limited and it’s not an account type suitable for e-commerce.

Why PayPal is the Best Payment Service for Your Business?

The Business and Premier accounts are almost identical, except that the Business account allows for multi-user access, while the Premier account is exclusive.

Both are ideal for e-commerce, offering unlimited credit card transactions, comprehensive merchant services, and access to a PayPal ATM debit card that can be used worldwide. They also charge a percentage of each transaction depending on the amount of money transferred.

The Best Payment Service for Your Business
The Best Payment Service for Your Business

The e-commerce site, offers a full merchant account with secure servers and fraud protection to protect you and your customers. They also have a shopping cart and purchase buttons on the site.

You just fill in the required information like price and product name plus shipping cost etc. and the website spits out a piece of HTML code that you can use to place the button for any product you want on your website.

The PayPal merchant account can be used with several different shopping carts. So if you don’t like the shopping carts offered on their site, you can easily replace them.

Also, the ability to accept credit cards online is a very nice feature that most e-businesses will appreciate. You can also accept eChecks and route PayPal-to-PayPal payments, greatly expanding your payment options.

The free merchant account is somewhat limited, but you can upgrade to the Virtual Terminal if you’re doing business in the US, which allows you to process credit cards online, by fax, and by phone.

This allows for a more flexible payment plan both online and offline, ideal for e-commerce merchants looking to expand offline as well.

This is one of the most accepted payment service options on the web for a reason, they have earned their position. Low fees and easy merchant account setup make them the ideal solution for a new e-commerce website.

Reasons To Choose PayPal

No matter what type of money-making or business you want to venture into, you definitely need a secure way to send and receive payments. You need to think about how to send money and, more importantly, how to withdraw your earnings.

It is considered the most trusted online payment method in the world. It can be used for both personal and business financial transactions.

Although there are other ways to pay and get paid online, It offers the most benefits and is used by millions of internet users worldwide.

  • Easy To Signup You will find that signing up for a PayPal account is quick and easy. All you have to do is provide some information about yourself, such as your name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Easy to Verify You will need to provide your debit or credit card number for verification purposes. It is important that your account is verified to avoid restrictions. Note that your card must have a Visa or Mastercard logo to be accepted.
  • Three options You can opt for a personal account, a business account, and a Premier account. The choice depends on your preferences, so the decision is entirely up to you. With a personal account, you’ll find that you’re limited to a few things. On the other hand, Business and Premier accounts allow you to transact business without the hassle of restrictions and restrictions. You can even use a different name for your account, which is great for those who want to maintain their online privacy.
  • Secure money transfer You can sleep well at night knowing your earnings are safe and secure. It usually takes less than a week to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account and it’s free.

Trusted by online entrepreneurs from different countries worldwide. Most online money-making programs are PayPal-friendly.

This means you can do business with almost any merchant and don’t have to worry about financial transactions. You can pay and receive money securely regardless of time zone differences.

When you choose PayPal as your primary means of sending and receiving money online, you can take control of your finances seamlessly.

However, you must remember that a strong password is essential to protect your account. So make your password as strong as possible and don’t let others know about it.

The 3 Most Common Problems When Using PayPal

PayPal is becoming more and more popular these days. Whether you use it for online shopping, sending or receiving money, or for business, you know it’s not perfect.

There are always some things we would like to change about PayPal, and below are some of the most common issues we have while using it.

1) One Card = One Account

Per PayPal policies, a debit or credit card can only be linked to one PayPal account at a time. If you want to use your card with a new account and it’s already linked to another account, you should remove it from the first account in order to be able to link it to the new one.

For those who have more than one bank account, this can be a little frustrating as more credit or debit cards means more accounts with PayPal and it can be quite a hassle to keep track of everyone.

2) You can add credit or debit cards only

For security reasons, PayPal’s policy does not allow you to link the following card types to your account: gift card, prepaid card, or one-time use card. It can be a bit annoying as using it with your PayPal can save you a lot of time and effort.

However, for your good, it has a fairly strict security policy. And you know what they say: better safe than sorry. For this reason, you should come to an agreement with PayPal on this matter.

3) Billing address = card billing address

Another common problem that customers face when using PayPal is the fact that the billing address you enter when creating the account must exactly match that on your card statement.

You will need to check your debit or credit card statement to see if these two addresses match. It is for your own safety and should therefore be in your best interest.

Above are just three of the most common issues that users face while using PayPal. Unfortunately, these are not the only ones.

If you’re reading this article and are having issues with your PayPal account that you can’t find here, your best bet is to contact customer support on their website. Maybe they can help you solve your problem.

PayPal Codes – Don’t be Afraid to Use Them

I’ve seen people call PayPal codes a scam and I just have to laugh. Something you get totally free to save money on your purchase and you will call it a scam. The problem is that people are too quick to shout scams instead of taking a look.

Codes save people $1,000 on internet purchases and no catch. Well, the only catch is that they can be a little tricky to find at times. However, being hard to find isn’t a scam now, is it? Although sometimes hard to find, they are out there and they are great to use.

Every once in a while you will find codes that don’t work. Well, that’s not a scam either. The providers of the codes only allow limited storage and then the codes become really useless.

The way to combat this is to use the codes as soon as you get them. It’s still no guarantee they’ll work, but you have a better chance.

This is where the scam of using codes comes in. Some people out there are trying to charge for these codes. This is also easy to combat. Just never pay for any of these codes.

They are exactly the same codes that you can find for free on the internet. Even if the codes don’t work, don’t even bother to get your money back. It just won’t happen.

I use codes all the time and believe me they are not a scam. I’ve saved up to $250 and heard of savings of thousands on some major ticket items. At the end of the day, it’s up to you, but if you want to save some money on your online purchases, get your codes.

I work hard every day to find coupons and codes to use on all your eBay discounts. I then make them available to everyone for absolutely free use. Don’t confuse me with the scammers who will charge you for the exact same codes that I offer absolutely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using PayPal?

While it’s free to send money to friends and family with PayPal, you’ll be charged a fee if you’re sending money through PayPal as part of a business transaction. It also charges a 1% fee if you want instant access to your funds; a free bank transfer takes several days.

How Does PayPal Work With The Payment?

PayPal acts as an intermediary between you and a bank. A user adds a bank account or credit/debit card to the PayPal system and can choose which account to charge for each online payment. All transactions are processed through PayPal instead of through your bank.