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How to Apply For a Victoria Secret Credit Card With No Credit History | Rewards And Benefits

Victoria Secret Credit Card

Victoria’s Secret (VSCO), one of the world’s best-known lingerie brands, which also offers clothing, fragrances, and personal care, has its own branded credit card – the Victoria card.

Like many co-branded credit cards, Victoria’s Secret credit card has some advantages for people who shop frequently in stores. Its main competitors are cards from Gap and Lane Bryant, with which it shares many features.

The Victoria Secret Credit Card

We live in the credit world. Most banking institutions offer various forms of credit, from credit cards to signature loans.

The majority of people often find themselves in bad credit situations like court judgment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, foreclosure, and loan default as they lack enough financial literacy and discipline which often makes it difficult for them to get any loan at all in the future.

Victoria Secret Credit Card With No Credit History
Victoria Secret Credit Card With No Credit History

This is a business rewards credit card issued by Comenity Bank. If you’re wondering if the Victoria Secret Credit Card is the right card for you, read on. This review will give you all the details you need to make a good choice.

A Most Valuable Tool For Building Credit

A credit card is a small plastic card issued to consumers by a financial institution such as a bank or credit union. The card issuer creates a revolving account with a line of credit for the consumer.

Cardholders can purchase goods and services or receive a cash advance until they reach their set credit limit. The merchant accepting credit card payments receives the money from the card-issuing bank.

The cardholder eventually repays the bank through regular monthly payments. Normally, if the entire balance is not paid in full, the issuer will charge interest on the unpaid portion.

How Does The Victoria Secret Credit Card Work?

Victoria Secret issues the Victoria Card in association with Comenity Bank. Comenity, based in Draper, Utah, offers a revolving line of credit to Victoria’s Secret buyers.

Victoria’s Secret cardholders receive rewards based on the value of their purchases, both online and in-store.

Where Can the Victoria Secret Credit Card Be Used?

The Victoria secret credit card can be used to make purchases online at or in person at a Victoria’s Secret or PINK store.

It is also accepted at Bath & Body Works stores, although purchases there do not earn Rewards points.

Where Do I Get The Victoria Secret Credit Card?

You can apply for a Victoria Secret Credit Card at or

You can fill out an application form online or apply in person at a Victoria’s Secret or PINK store. You must create your account or log in to begin the application.

What Type Of Credit Is Required for the Victoria Secret credit card?

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid government-issued photo ID, a US Social Security number, and be United States residents with a valid mailing address.

Comenity Bank verifies personal information and receives a copy of a consumer’s credit report when making its decision to extend credit to a prospective cardholder.

The credit limit on the card depends on the applicant’s personal creditworthiness and finances. However, business credit cards often seem easier to qualify than general-use cards.

Since the Victoria card is free to own, purchasing and using a card responsibly can be a way for someone with a limited credit history to build a good record.

How To Cancel The Victoria Secret Credit Card?

You must contact Comenity Bank to cancel your Victoria Secret credit card as Comenity manages the card.

You may call Comenity at (800) 695-9478 or TDD/TTY at (800) 695-1788 to cancel your Card. Alternatively, you can send them a message through their secure Message Center.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Customer Service

Victoria secret Comenity encourages customers to manage their Victoria’s Secret credit card account online through the Account Center.

The Account Center is accessible 24/7 and allows you to view your balance, transactions, and statements and make payments to your card.

If you have not yet registered for this service, you can register here. You can also call customer service at the phone numbers above.

Who Should Consider the Victoria Secret Credit Card?

Getting a business credit card makes sense for consumers who regularly shop at that retailer.

If you have a high level of brand loyalty to Victoria’s Secret and/or PINK and are looking for special discounts, then applying for a Victoria card could be a wise choice.

However, be warned that loyalty cards can be risky if you’re not sure you can make your payments on time.

These cards have a high-interest rate that can quickly wipe out their benefits if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month.

How Do I Apply For The PINK Credit Card?

If you are a US resident with a street, state, or APO/FPO mailing address (not a PO Box) AND are over the age of 18, you have two options to apply:

Visit to complete an application online.
If you click this link, you will leave the Victoria’s Secret website. Any information you provide to third party websites is subject to their terms, and policies, including their privacy policy

In a Store:
Visit a Victoria’s Secret or PINK store. Store locator.
The Victoria Card / PINK Card can be used at,, and in all Victoria’s Secret, PINK, and Bath & Body Works stores.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Number

Once approved for a Victoria Secret credit card/PINK credit card, the account can be used immediately via a temporary virtual account number (VAN) up to four times within 24 hours up to $600 or the credit limit (whichever is lower). Temporary cards contain both an expiry date and a CVV2 number.

If you have applied in-store, your temporary card number will be automatically added to your purchase.
If you applied online, your provisional card number will automatically be applied to your online order.
If you have applied to the Comenity Banks Account Center your temporary card number will be provided and can be copied and pasted into an online order.
If you can’t find your temporary card number, call us at 1-800-411-5116 to place an order. (8a-2a EST)

For all Victoria’s Secret/PINK credit card questions, contact Credit Card Customer Service at 1-800-695-9478 (8a-9p EST; Mon-Sat).

Victoria Secret Credit Card Rewards

There are three different reward levels (basic, silver, and gold) that reflect the amount of money spent in a rolling 12-month period. All cardholders earn one point for every $1 of net new purchases on their Victoria’s Secret credit card.

Once a cardholder accumulates a certain number of points, the cardholder is promoted to the next level.

The first level is the basic Victory card. All cardholders earn triple points on all bra purchases, free shipping on qualifying purchases (over $50), and one triple points day of their choice.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Rewards
Victoria Secret Credit Card Rewards

Plus, cardholders get $10 on their birthday each year the card is active and a $10 reward to use on future purchases.

The second level is the silver Victory card. Cardholders qualify for this level by earning 250 points on their Victoria’s Secret card in a rolling 12-month period.

Silver cardholders earn points at the same level and rate as a basic Victoria cardmember, and receive the same $10 annual reward and birthday gift, but earn additional benefits: a $10 half-birthday gift and a 15% off discount on the anniversary of your signing -top.

The top tier is the gold Victory card. To qualify, the cardholder must earn 500 points on their Victoria’s Secret credit card within 12 months.

Additional benefits of being a Gold cardholder include $15 birthday and half-birthday gifts and a 20% anniversary discount.

Other small perks and special events may occur monthly. To maintain the level, the cardholder must continue to spend the same amount each year; otherwise, the card returns to a lower level.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Benefits

Credit cards can be an extremely valuable tool when used properly. However, there are also risks for those who lack self-discipline for the debt they cannot pay back.

However, if used responsibly and correctly, the Victoria secret credit card login can provide significant benefits.

Here are some of the attributes of owning a credit card:


The Victoria Secret credit card is a flexible means of payment that is accepted in over 30 million locations worldwide as it has become a good alternative to cash.

In many cases, situations arise where you need more funds than are immediately available. Emergencies such as home or car repairs, medical expenses, or travel for a family crisis are instantly accessible with one card.

Such loan expenditures should be made with a short-term intention and timely payments to avoid debt accumulation.

Create and Improve Credit History

Paying your bills in full and on time shows responsibility, which helps improve your credit score. A good credit rating also helps in many other situations, for example when obtaining a low-interest loan.

Most likely, your card company will also approve a higher credit limit.

Borrow Interest-Free

Credit cards allow you to use the bank’s money interest-free within a grace period. Therefore, payments for purchases made on the card are due at the end of the predetermined period. If you pay off your balance in full each month, you will receive an interest-free loan month after month.

To attract new customers, card issuers often create promotional offers with a 0% interest rate on credit card purchases and cash advances. The only limitation is that the credit loan must be repaid in full at the end of the set period.

When used wisely, a credit card’s 0% interest rate loan can be used to pay off debt with higher interest rates. As long as you have the self-discipline to control spending, this type of funding can be a valuable tool for money management and budgeting.

Track Expenses

Because credit card issuers provide detailed monthly statements on purchases, you can easily track your spending. For entrepreneurs, summaries are a valuable tool for preparing the tax return, as they provide information about permissible tax deductions.

Rewards and Benefits Many companies offer their customers rewards and cardholder benefits.

Loyalty programs are designed to encourage cardholders to use a particular card. When the card is used, the cardholder accumulates airline miles, hotel chain points, cashback points, etc., which a cardholder can redeem for products or services. For those who use their cards frequently, the rewards can be quite significant.

In addition to the rewards of the loyalty program, cardholders also benefit from advantages such as free rental car insurance, travel insurance or international health insurance.

Consumer Protection

For mail order purchases that do not arrive or are found to be defective, the charge may be disputed with the credit card company.

The burden of proof lies with the sender; Therefore, the consumer has limited financial liability. Such consumer protection from the credit card company does not exist with most debit cards or with cash payments.

Fraud Protection

Carrying cash can be unsafe as it can be stolen or lost. The lost cash is rarely replaceable. Instead, a misplaced or stolen credit card can simply be deactivated by the card issuer and a new one reissued. All fraudulent charges are subject to appeal. After an investigation, the fees are usually waived or refunded.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Like most store-brand credit cards, the Victoria Card charges a hefty amount of interest: As of February 2022, the advertised APR is 24.99%. It is a variable rate, which fluctuates with the prime rate.

Interest is not paid if the cardholder pays their entire balance by the due date each month, and the payment due date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle.

Victoria's Secret Credit Card Terms and Conditions
Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Like most store cards, the Victoria secret credit card has no annual fee, but there are late and returned fees. If a cardholder is late in paying their bill, they should expect a charge of up to $41. Charges for returned payments can be up to $25.

As with any credit card, late payments can damage a cardholder’s credit rating. Cardholders should read their cardholder agreements carefully for full details.

Annual Variable Rate (APR): 24.99%
Late Fees: Up to $41
Refund fee: up to $25
Grace period: 25 days
Term and Condition

Pros and Cons of the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card


  • Cardholders receive a birthday gift each year.
  • Free shipping & 3 times the points with bra and set.
  • Cardholders are provided early access to major sales.
  • There is no annual membership fee.
  • Consider applicants with fair credit.
  • Cardholders can earn rewards on purchases.
  • Victoria’s Secret Angel credit cards are reported to multiple credit bureaus.


  • The annual interest rate of 20% or more.
  • The VictoriasSecret Store Credit Card is not a major credit card that can be used elsewhere.
  • Cardholders may lose accumulated points if the card is not used for 12 months
  • Higher than average purchase APR.
  • Many credit card perks are not included.

Credit Card Holder Responsibilities

A cardholder can maximize their benefits by

Timely Payment – ​​Timely payment is the best way to avoid late payment interest and penalty interest while improving your credit score. The easiest way to ensure timely payments is to set up an automated bill payment system.

Paying more than the minimum amount due – If the balance cannot be paid in full, it is important to pay as much over the minimum amount as possible.

Failure to use your credit card’s spending limit – If the maximum amount is charged, this can result in recurring fees and interest expense. The rule of thumb is to keep the card balance below 30% of the limit. By spreading purchases across multiple credit cards, you can manage the 30% limit with minimal difficulty.

Avoid Unnecessary Fees – Many credit cards have various fees: late payments, exceeding the limit, cash advances, transferring funds, or bouncing checks. Read your credit card agreement to be aware of all fees. Avoid these transactions as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Victoria Secret Credit Card Have a Sign-Up Bonus?

Yes, it offers card users up to a $15 sign-up bonus.

Does The Victoria Secret Credit Card Offer An Annual Loyalty Bonus?

This card does not provide a cash loyalty bonus.

What is the relevant APR for the Victoria Secret credit card?

According to the Federal Reserve Board, the average regular APR is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for balance accounts. This card has regular APRs above average.
The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card has a 24.99% variable APR.

The Bottom Line

As is the case with proprietary credit cards, the Victoria Card only works with one merchant: Victoria’s Secret (and its sister corporate retailers).

Although it has several advantages and privileges that make cardholders feel part of Victoria’s Secret family, its main benefit is that it accumulates points that translate into money or discounts on future purchases. In many cases, these perks are available for a limited amount of time.

In general, this card is best suited for consumers who already spend money early and often at Victoria’s Secret. Those who aren’t big fans of the brand will find the Victoria card to have fairly limited appeal.