Benefits  of  Home loans

Property Screening

If you buy a house through  a bank, the bank will carry  out a thorough legal inspection  of the  property and  check that all the documents presented are valid.

Fiscal Advantages

The main benefit of a home loan is the income tax deduction you can claim on interest and principal repayments.

Long Repayment Time

Unlike other loans, home  loans have a longer repayment  term of up  to 25-30 years.  This is because  of the significant amount  of credit you need to take  out to buy a home.

Low Interest Rates

Home Loans interest rates  are much lower than the other  types of loans available. If you encounter a cash crisis, you may  get a replenishment of your  existing mortgage at a lower  interest rate than your personal  loan to solve the problem.

Choosing  a Balance Transfer

You can transfer a home loan from one lender to another for a number of reasons, such as interest rates, service charges, customer service experience, etc.

No prepaid penalty

With an Adjustable Mortgage,  you can prepay your loan  whenever you have the  amount you have, without  paying a prepayment penalty.  This will help you close your  mortgage long before  the loan expires.