Why Use An Online Payday Loan direct lender?

Quick Overview Of The Application

Because you apply direct payday lenders no third party, you will usually receive a faster credit decision because they will both review the information about your application and make a decision for you.

Avoid Interruption of Customer Service

If you apply to a site that is not a direct creditor, you may be confused about who to contact. With direct lenders, all questions and loan requests are handled by a single company. You don’t have to look for contact information on multiple sites.

Protect your information

The more information bounces back, the more likely it is to fall into the wrong hands. If you contact the lender directly, your personal information will remain with the lender, which limits the possibility of stealing your personal information.

Reduce spam

If you are applying for an online payday loan, you may also be able to apply for a lead aggregator. Please check these emails carefully before dealing with them.

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Benefits of Direct Lender Loans

Now that we have covered the basics of what direct lender loans are, it is important to consider the greatest benefits they offer.


The biggest advantage of direct lender loans should be the speed of lending services. For example, a traditional mortgage broker may take weeks (or a month or more) to hold a roundtable discussion with a loan officer. Then the whole process begins, jumping from one desk to the next, going back and forth between different intermediaries and managers, and finally back to the loan applicant.

Bad credit considered

Direct lenders are more flexible when lending to people with fair or poor creditworthiness. If you have poor creditworthiness and need an urgent loan, the first option is to contact your online lender directly.


Also remember the flexibility that these types of lenders offer. Traditional lenders are risk-averse and timid when lending money to different types of individuals, especially those with incomplete credit histories.

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